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A Pair Of A-Listers Are In Talks To Join Scarlett Johansson In Marvel's 'Black Widow' Film

Since her debut in Iron Man 2, Marvel fans have been begging for a movie centered around Scarlett Johansson's deadly assassin character, Black Widow.

Well, it finally looks like they're getting what they want, with several A-list stars finally locking down roles in the new movie!

It was recently announced that David Harbour, who plays Officer Hobbs on Stranger Things, will be appearing in the film.

Fans were super excited by the news!

Will he be playing an ally?

A villain?

A figure from Black Widow's past?

Around the same time, it was also announced that Rachel Weisz would be taking on a role in the MCU as well!

It seems the Black Widow is going to be in very good company.

Superhero fans were elated to hear that the Black Widow movie is shaping up with so much great talent!

With this team on board, it looks like we've got another blockbuster on the way.

People on Twitter were begging for more Black Widow news!

Well, Marvel, consider our interest piqued.

You might as well just take our wallets now.