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The Internet Seems To Think That Joe Biden Just Loudly Farted During A Livestream—And It Kinda Sounds Like It, TBH

Because the world is a wild place where no one can predict what will happen, it seems one of today's biggest pieces of political news is that Joe Biden appears to have let out a fart during a recent interview.


Here's the original video, in which Biden has an important discussion with Governor Tom Wolf about the impact of the global pandemic on the United States.

Head to the 20 minute mark for the supposed gaseous statement.

A Conversation on the Impact of COVID-19 in States Featuring Governor Tom Wolf

While most of the back-and-forth was a much-needed discussion of an important topic, the most viewed moment was just after the 20 minute mark, when the former Vice President leaned back in his seat and appeared to pass gas.

The internet was in disbelief over the incident.

Biden's campaign didn't comment on the flatulence aside from sarcastic comment that pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Meanwhile, conservatives like Donald Trump Jr. thought the fart might mean the end of the Biden campaign.

Considering his father talking about grabbing women by the pu$y didn't end Trump 2016...

Many Twitter users were questioning their own reality after viewing the clip.

For others, a potential fart was the latest entry on a long list of reasons to SUPPORT Biden.

On the historic day of Joe Biden's fart, Fox News covered it extensively...

...while glossing over the 100,000 American death to the pandemic.

While a fart shouldn't make up your mind in either direction when it comes to politics, I think we can all agree this was a good one.