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Video Of Guy Who Parks In A Garage That's Only Two Inches Wider Than His Car Leaves The Internet In Awe

Viral Videos/YouTube

After eleven years, some wonders never cease.

A video clip from a 2010 interview with a Belgian man—who for six decades effortlessly parked his car into a garage that is two inches wider than the car—found a second life on the internet.

At 87 years of age at the time, Eugene Breynaert demonstrated his sense of spatial awareness when parking his nearly 4.99 feet-wide car into his 5.08 feet-wide garage was sharp as ever.

With roughly a little over an inch to spare on both sides once parked, how did he exit the vehicle?

Easy. Breynaert literally had door-to-door access to his home's entryway from inside the carport, and he had a system by which he accomplished his smooth transition of getting out of his car and into his home.

You can watch the video of his 2010 appearance on the Dutch news show, Man bijt hond (Man bites dog), below.

In the clip, the retiree explained he put up sponges on the sides of the walls, just to be safe.

Yet, he pulled into the garage without making any contact with the cautionary padding.

Once he aligned the car door with the door to his house, he was able to step inside his living room.

To close the car door, he simply pushed the vehicle forward from inside the house to clear the door frame.

Sadly, Breynaert passed away in 2016 at 93 years of age.

His posthumous legacy continues as the resurfaced clip was shared on Twitter—where it received a million views in 24 hours.

Twitter remained in awe of his timeless technique and praised him for his resourcefulness.

People were amused by these scenarios.

Despite his national fame, Breynaert was not keen on his popularity following the 2010 interview.

He told HLN:

"I want it to end."

While the sentiment is understandable, could he blame us for being impressed by his mad parking skills?