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Fan Spotted In The Stands Eating A Massive Jar Of Mayonnaise Is All Kinds Of Nope

@memphisredbirds/Twitter, @Joe_Covert/Twitter

A baseball fan has gone viral for his unusual choice of in-game snack – a large tub of mayonnaise.

The fan was picked out in the crowd by cameras at a minor league game between the Memphis Redbirds and the Las Vegas Aviators.

The fan, who has not been identified, featured in five separate videos posted to Twitter by the Redbirds, who are an affiliate team of the St. Louis Cardinals.

In one they wrote: “It's the 5th inning. He's been mowing that down for 91 minutes."

While many were bewildered by the sight, others felt there might be more to the scene than met the eye.

Some felt the the scene may have been set up, while one Twitter user suggested: “He probably filled an empty mayo container with cool whip or pudding or something and is doing this to be seen."

Either way, he certainly ate a lot of something, and Twitter users were disgusted.

We'll keep our mayonnaise on sandwiches, thanks.