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'Barbie' Slogans Inspire Memes Of Male Celebs Who Don't Deserve Their Female Partners

The upcoming movie's 'Barbie is everything' and 'he's just Ken' slogans have been aptly applied to couples, both real and fictional.

'Barbie' Slogans Inspire Memes Of Male Celebs Who Don't Deserve Their Female Partners
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So if you don't know, there's a Barbie movie coming out this summer directed by Greta Gerwig.

The trailer dropped last week.

In the the trailer, it looks like most of the women are Barbie and most of the men are Ken.

This might lead to confusion, but the posters for the movie clear it up. Some Barbies are presidents, or doctors or otherwise achieving greatness.

And Ken?


The poster for the original Barbie—presumptively the main character and played by Margot Robbie—is "everything"

But then, hilariously, there was the poster for Ryan Gosling's Ken.

In contrast to the possibilities for Barbie, Ken is...just Ken.

This was objectively hilarious and quite true about Barbie's magnificence compared to Ken.

It quickly turned into a meme, with people posting iconic couples where the woman in the couple is clearly the more successful and/or interesting one and the man is just sort of...there.

First there were the other fictional couples.

People hopped on the trend for elements from the newest installment of The Mandalorian.

Someone even threw in a not-couple from another one of Gerwig's films, Little Women.

Then some real-world celebrities and personalities.

Some even ventured into tthe royalty realm.

Taking the meme to the extreme, it moved to not just being about people.

This person contrasted Disney World parks.

The Barbie movie will probably be a meme generating machine, if this is what one trailer and a couple of posters do to the internet.