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'Shark Tank' Star Sparks Outrage After Revealing Why She 'Loves Firing People On Fridays'

Barbara Corcoran gleefully recounted how she fires 'negative' people on Fridays on her podcast 'The Diary of a CEO.'

Barbara Corcoran
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran made some questionable comments on a recent episode of her podcast The Diary of a CEO.

The real estate CEO sparked outrage amongst social media users when she gleefully admitted her affinity for terminating employees on Fridays.

The investor shared:

"What I would do is call someone into my office on Friday."
"I love firing people on Fridays."

Smiling, Corcoran continued that she would casually set an axing appointment beforehand.

"I would stop by someone's desk on a Wednesday and say, 'Hey! Do you have some time on Friday?'"
"They should have heard about the rumors..."

When the employee responded affirmatively, Corcoran would ask, "What time's good for you?"

"Great! See ya at 2."

Corcoran expressed her delight of her Friday firings:

"I couldn't wait to fire them."
"I picked out individuals who were negative."
"My attitude toward the negative person is that they were ruining my good kids."
"People who are negative have to have somebody else to be negative with - to complain [with]."
"I'm talking about chronic complainers."

You can watch the clip below.


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As for her delivery method, Corcoran revealed she wouldn't give terminated employees a reason for their forced exit.

She simply told them, "You just don't fit the company," in an effort to avoid a "rat's nest."

Viewers of the segment had very strong feelings.

Many were alarmed at the staggering level of joy Corcoran displayed while talking about the terminations.





And while a few agreed working with consistently negative people is draining...



... Many noted that if there's such a persistent problem with negativity, it's probably time to do some self-reflecting.





Corcoran hasn't responded to any of the backlash she's received over her comments, but we bet some of her former employees who saw the clip have some thoughts to share.