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Bar Accuses 'Hamilton' Star Of 'Using The Race Card' After Group Of Black Actors Was Allegedly Denied Entry

Bar Accuses 'Hamilton' Star Of 'Using The Race Card' After Group Of Black Actors Was Allegedly Denied Entry
Ain't Nothin' But - Blues Bar (Official) via Facebook

Maybe, if you don't want bad PR for your company, don't do sketchy things then put your foot in your mouth in your public statement.

Which is exactly what Ain't Nothin But...a blues bar in London's Soho neighborhood did, and are now claiming that Hamilton company member Giles Terera is "treating them unfairly."

The bar reportedly denied entrance to Terera and his team of eight actors who were collaborating on a piece about American blues musicians.

American blues music was notably created and popularized by Black people during the early 20th century, in the wake of nationwide racial discrimination following post-Civil War tensions.

Ain't Nothin But's response was the equivalent of your racist uncle at the holidays.

Complete with "we can't be racist, we have Black friends."

"We have regular customers, and staff, who are Black. It makes no difference to us what colour people are."

The club also claimed the group were not denied entry, and said they now "have an unfair reputation which [they] cannot properly respond to."

The use of the term "race card" is not exactly helping the club's "not racist" argument.

A patron on the company's Facebook page responded:

"The 'Race Card'???your language betrays your company's ignorance. Pray tell...what is this race card?? When can I play it? And is it effective! I have no idea who does your PR but your response sucks! Maybe you should change your theme to Classical Music or Brass bands as it's obvious your company has no clue about 'Black Culture'." -Paul Warner

With England in similar political turmoil to the USA, it is unclear how seriously Londoners will take this incident.

The Hamilton original Broadway cast album is available here.