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Guy Who Went Viral After Being Tackled At A Bagel Shop Just Signed A Contract To Fight Other Internet Celebs

Guy Who Went Viral After Being Tackled At A Bagel Shop Just Signed A Contract To Fight Other Internet Celebs

Video of an irate man going on a misogynist rant in an NYC bagel shop recently went viral.

The internet labeled him "Bagel Boss Guy" and turned him into a meme almost instantaneously.

But instead of shying away from his infamy, the Bagel Guy seems to be leaning into it.

The video of Bagel Boss Guy ranting before eventually being tackled to the ground has been remixed and viewed by millions of people.

Man has an epic meltdown in a NYC bagel

Now, the Bagel Boss Guy, also known as Long Islander Chris Morgan, signed a contract with fight promoter Damon Feldman to compete in a celebrity boxing match on September 7 in Atlantic City.

He's planning to go up against "other viral celebrities."

When approached by TMZ for comment, Morgan, who was immediately put in his place by a random customer at his local bagel shop, said he felt good about his chances in the ring:

"I don't need no training, I'm prepared."

Bagel Boss Guy Chris Morgan Signs Deal to Fight Other Viral Celebs |

Morgan's promoter said they're looking at the possibility of a fight against viral video star Antoine Dodson.

The Bagel Guy, who stands at five feet tall, isn't worried about the viral sensation of "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" fame:

"I'm just naturally tough — I'll whoop his ass. If he thinks he's gonna win, fuggedaboutit!"

Asked by TMZ about his fighting skills, Morgan said his greatest talent was "getting possessed," an ability the entire world witnessed when he decried women who wouldn't date him because of his height:

"Everywhere I go I get the same f–king smirk with the biting lip."

Twitter didn't like Morgan's chances against...pretty much anybody.

This man is clearly unstable.

Many people online also felt like Morgan shouldn't be given any more recognition for his violent tendencies.

Honestly, the Bagel Boss guy might deserve whatever's coming for him in the ring.

If you're hoping for a little Celebrity Deathmatch, you're unlikely to get it in Atlantic City, but you can get Celebrity Deathmatch: Knockout Collection, available here.