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Cosmo Scraps Cover Featuring 'Bachelor' Contestant After Learning She Modeled For 'White Lives Matter' Campaign

The newest season of The Bachelor is well under way and, as always, drama abounds.

But, for once, it seems the show's producers have gotten more than they bargained for with one of the contestants.

A recent episode featured a Costa Rica photoshoot where the contestant who had the most chemistry with Peter (the Bachelor) would get to grace the cover of Cosmo.

Victoria F took away the win, but now Cosmo refuses to use her image after discovering she used to model for White Lives Matter.

It's not like Cosmo didn't have other options.

The show didn't pull any punches after Victoria F's past came out.

Many people are praising Cosmo for sticking to their guns.

Cosmo would rather take the hit than sacrifice their integrity.

Many fans of the show used this incident to affirm why they don't like Victoria F.

What would Victoria's cover even look like?

Well done, Cosmo!

As for you, producers of The Bachelor, try to get your act together.