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Woman Nearly Takes An Axe To The Face In Viral Video, But Manages To Duck Just In Time


Axe throwing is a dangerous hobby, as anyone who does it knows. Even if someone is super careful, there is still a definite possibility of accidents.

Instagram user and axe thrower @ainsrae (Ainsley Oates) recently faced one of these mishaps, while narrowly avoiding disaster, and the video is astounding.

Despite this danger, or maybe because of it, axe throwing is becoming quite the popular pastime.

When stepping up to throw an axe at a target, Ainsley accidentally threw the axe at the ground in front of the target instead of the target itself.

This caused it to bounce up off of the floor and ricochet back towards her.

Thankfully, her dodging skills were more on point than her throwing ones. She ducked just in time and the axe flew harmlessly over her head.

Oates shared a video of the incident to Instagram with the caption:

"That axe almost got me 😯😯😯"

" Thanks @camdhuber for capturing this... so glad it missed you!"

The video has garnered a massive amount of attention, over 92,000 view on Instagram, so Huber uploaded it to YouTube as well. It has been watched a further 11,000+ times there.

Ainsley's Ninja skills are on point. *Original video

Hobbies that involve weapons are not a new thing, but they inevitably come with a fairly high level of risk.

Some people are using the video as a caution for people who want to get into the hobby.

Others were just shocked at Oakes' luck.

Maybe think long and hard about whether axe throwing is the hobby for you for before giving it a try.