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Asian American CNN Producer Says MN Cops Asked Her If She Speaks English During Violent Arrest

Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Since the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, protests in Minnesota lead to arrests.

Carolyn Sung, an Asian American producer with CNN, is now bringing a lawsuit for mistreatment during their arrest while covering the protests.

According to a statement from Sung's lawyer, Leita Walker, MN police violated First Amendment rights and specifically targeted the press.

Sung attempted to comply with orders to disperse, but the letter states:

"Despite repeatedly hearing Sung identifying herself as a member of the press and tell the troopers that the zip ties were too tight on her wrists, one trooper yelled at Sung, 'Do you speak English?'"

While attorneys working on Sung's behalf tried to locate her, which took about two hours, Sung was seached by a female officer who put her hands down Sung's pants and bra.

Democratic Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz tweeted out in response to the press statements of violations by police.

Many people had things to say about Walz's tweet.

There is widespread outrage over the way reporters were and continue to be treated during protests.

Walz went on television to discuss the issue of racial bias in police traffic stops.

He also stated in a tweet he is working with Minnasota House Representative Cedrick Frazier to pass legislation in the state to end violence during traffic stops.