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Anime Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Kyoto Animation Works After Arson Attack On Studio Leaves Dozens Dead

JIJI PRESS/AFP/Getty Images // @Toruhiiyi/Twitter

Anime fans have been sharing their favorite Kyoto Animation work in the wake of a fire at the studio that has left around 30 people feared dead.

According to local news networks, a man screamed “you die!" when he ran into the animation production studio in Japan. He then set it on fire, killing 20 people — 10 more are presumed dead.

The suspect was injured and has been taken to hospital.

Fans have been sharing their favorite anime from the studio, including Violent Evergarden which was picked up by Netflix last year and made available worldwide on the streaming platform.

One Twitter user said: “One of my favorite anime movies 'A silent voice' was created at this studio. Absolutely gutted for the staff."

Another added: “Woke up to the news about what happened at Kyoto Animation Studio. This hurts me so much as a fan and makes me sick to my stomach that this has happened. Kyoani animated my favorite all time series, Lucky Star, and many others."

One Twitter user said: “My heart is breaking into pieces. A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden are among the best works of animation I've seen in the last years."

A GoFundMe to raise money for the animation team has been set up, raising almost £300,000 in five hours.

Kyodo News reported people leaving the building blackened, bleeding and walking barefoot.

Condolences continued to pour in.

Video from the scene shows grey smoke billowing from the building.

KyoAni fire: arson attack at Kyoto Animation studio in Japan

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