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Teen Breaks Up With A Guy Over DM Using A Brutal 'Knock Knock' Joke For The Ages 😡

Teen Breaks Up With A Guy Over DM Using A Brutal 'Knock Knock' Joke For The Ages 😡
(Alyshah Mehdi/Facebook, @MrPolo/Twitter)

Ever been ghosted on a chat app? You thought things were going swimmingly during a conversation until suddenly, you've found yourself having a one-sided convo. Was it something you said?

That's what happened to 19-year-old Alyshah Mehdi when she was inexplicably abandoned on Snapchat by "close" friend Shayyan.

But she refused to be ignored.

The teen from Karachi, Pakistan, told Buzzfeed the two had "some beef" between them, and when he stopped responding to her chats, she punk'd him in the most brutal, yet humorous way possible.

She found Shayyan's Twitter handle and made him come to grips with reality.

He got owned.(@JaffriShayyan/Twitter)

Shayyan was a good sport about being blocked. He took a screenshot of his dismissal and posted it on Twitter; his DM soon went viral, garnering over 7,500 likes.

Alyshah told Buzzfeed:

The way things took a turn was very unexpected. He was low-key pissed after I blocked him, but then we laughed about it when we saw how people were reacting.

Based on her comment, something tells us they've patched things up.

People loved it, too:

The blocking technique inspired others to attempt the same, but not all were as successful.

Others weren't familiar with "knock-knock" jokes, though. (Who are these people?!)

For the uninitiated:

Shayyan told Alyshah that being blocked "never felt so funny," indicating the pair are talking again. Buzzfeed updated readers by letting them know she has since unblocked Shayyan.

But if love is an open door, he's not entering. According to Alyshah, the dude hasn't followed her back on Twitter.

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