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8-Year-Old Girl Dresses As College-Aged Michelle Obama For School—And Absolutely Nails It ❤️

8-Year-Old Girl Dresses As College-Aged Michelle Obama For School—And Absolutely Nails It ❤️
Facebook: Karlyn Johnson Brown; Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Elle-Lorraine Brown had to choose a role model for her school's Cultural Heroes Day. The 8-year-old's pick was a college-aged version of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In addition to an exhibit with information about Michelle Obama's (formerly Robinson's) time at Princeton, Ella-Lorraine also dressed in an outfit matching the future best seller and public speaker.

And I'd say she's spot on!

Ella-Lorraine's parents explained:

"She was really in awe of the idea that with hard work you could become anything."

The girl's mother, Karlyn Johnson Brown, is also a Princeton alum. She helped her daughter, who insisted on portraying the former first lady.

Brown said:

"I loved it because by choosing to portray her hero as a college student, the focus was on Michelle's accomplishments as an individual, not just as an attachment."

And people on social media definitely agree!

Brown has done a good job of surrounding her daughter with black role models and excellence. Ella-Lorraine has dressed as other female heroes, like Bessie Coleman, the first black/native woman to get a pilot's license, or Ruby Bridges, who endured threats and insults to desegregate William Frantz Elementary in 1960.

The girl's father spoke to MAKERS, saying:

"Ella-Lorraine has never known a time when Black women weren't publicly honored and 'Black girl magic' wasn't a highly celebrated thing. That's awesome."

This is the positivity we need in this world.

Michelle Obama has been on a tour promoting her book, Becoming. In the book, she describes how she was discouraged about going to Princeton.

She writes about a meeting with a college counselor:

"Because rightly or wrongly, I got stuck on one single sentence the woman uttered. 'I'm not sure,' she said, giving me a perfunctory, patronizing smile, 'that you're Princeton material.'"

Michelle went on to graduate cum laude in 1985 from Princeton, and get a J.D. from Harvard in 1988.

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