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NYPD Commander Allegedly Told Fellow Cops To Shoot 50 Cent 'On Sight'—And Now 50 Cent Is Considering Legal Action

On Sunday, February 17, reports surfaced that an NYPD commander gave orders to his officers to shoot rapper 50 Cent "on sight," despite the fact that he had committed no crime.

The commander, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez, is now being investigated by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Upon hearing the reports on Gonzalez, 50 Cent was understandably outraged:

He tweeted:

"I take this threat very seriously and [I'm] consulting with my legal counsel regarding my options moving forward."

Twitter was similarly flabbergasted by the deputy inspector's breach of proper conduct.

What did 50 Cent ever do to this guy?

Social media was completely on 50 Cents side and called for action to be taken against Gonzalez.

Who knows what might have happened if one of Gonzalez's officers had actually encountered the musician.

The investigation into Gonzalez is ongoing, though if the claims against him are true, he will likely face charges, both from the state and from 50 Cent himself.