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'Zoom Karen' Interrupts Granddaughter's Online Class To Angrily Rant About BLM And Obama

@stayflyest/TikTok, Handout/Getty Images

A recent video circulating online shows a woman interrupting her granddaughter's virtual class to rant about the Black Live Matter movement and Barack Obama.

At the beginning of the video, the teacher explained to the woman that the class was talking about historical events, but that didn't satisfy her.

Some people on the internet have dubbed her "Zoom Karen." Watch the clip below.

The woman interrupted the teacher to say:

"You're talking about BLM and all that stuff. And we're not going to talk about it unless you want to hear what I have to say."

Zoom Karen then inexplicably pivoted to complaining about former President Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama was biracial. He wasn't just Black. He should have owned both sides of his family."

The teacher and students then began to question whether Black Lives Matter had even been mentioned.

Uninvited guests sharing unwanted opinions has become a larger-than-expected problem during the Zoom era, with many labeling these people "Zoom bombers."

Perhaps the nature of virtual classes is giving many unhinged people the nerve to share their opinions.

But humans aren't the only ones making Zoom meetings difficult...

Of course, students bear the brunt of this unpleasantness as their entire schooling experienced has been moved to their computers.

Though the teachers have surely also had a hard time.

With any luck, the U.S. will get its Covid act together soon so students can head back to their classrooms. Interruptions from grandparents are much rarer there!