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YouTubers Challenge Strangers To Spontaneous Water Fights In D.C. Amid Heatwave

(Josh Roth/Get Up and Get It)

A group of YouTubers took to the streets to start spontaneous water fights with strangers in Washington DC and Virginia in the US.

The group, called Get Up and Get It, filmed themselves running up to pedestrians and throwing them a water pistol to see if they would join in a water fight.

Several people joined in with the first prank in Richmond, Virginia, with many quickly picking up the water pistols to defend themselves.

Posting the first video to Twitter, group member Josh Roth said: “It was mad hot. So we bought two water guns, filled them up, and walked up to people and tossed them one, just to see if they were down for a quick water gun fight."

The group repeated the prank in Washington DC, and the two YouTube videos have passed 357,000 combined views.

The group has set up a GoFundMe page, entitled Help Us Super-Soak America, which aims to raise 5,000 dollars to help the group travel to different cities to repeat the practical joke.

They said: “We have loved seeing how much happiness it brings to viewers and participants alike, the youthful spirit it brings out in everyone, and the real love we all have for our fellow Americans.

“We encourage you all to remember that we all can achieve joy and love for one another by being kind and that even the smallest acts of kindness can spark movements like ours."

The video brought many some all-too-needed joy.

What a wholesome way to beat the heat.

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