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'X-Files' Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny Announce Retirement With Selfie

'X-Files' Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny Announce Retirement With Selfie

As season 11 of The X-Files wraps production just prior to the show's (perhaps final) premiere next month, the lead co-stars reflect back on the last 25 years. With a tweeted selfie with co-star David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson gave her farewells to the show and her character Dana Skully.

Anderson is thankful for the show, and for the fans who have been on this crazy paranormal ride with her. But she is ready to move on.

But we're not ready.

No one wants Agent Dana Skully to retire.

Seriously, how are we supposed to live without her?

That last thing we want to do is say goodbye.

The news of Anderson not returning for a possible 12th season is so traumatizing that we need someone to hug us, hold us, and comfort us.

Did anyone notice the homage to their own show in the tweeted image?

Anderson's tweet mimics the season one advertising one-sheet.

Some people are still dealing with the devastation of the news that Anderson no longer wants to play Agent Skully.

And they are heartbroken.

No more adventures of Skully, Mulder, and... Brick?

Ultimate friendship goals.

The 25 years of friendship between these two actors is intimate and full of love.

Anderson and Duchovny will even have their stars beside each other.

A match made in Hollywood.

Many, many people are thankful for Anderson, Duchovny, and the show.

After running for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002, and having two feature movies, the show returned for a short 10th season in January 2016. Following the revival's ratings success, Fox announced an 11th season, set to begin in January.

But this new season will be Anderson's last.

Remember, the truth is still out there.

“We’re looking at a world where now truth is thrown out the window and conspiracy is now seemingly the center,” says The X-Files creator Chris Carter of bringing back the pivotal drama in the era of Donald Trump. “Everything’s been turned on its head and that’s an interesting time to be telling X-Files stories,”

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