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'Words With Friends' Friends Meet for First Time After 300 Games

'Words With Friends' Friends Meet for First Time After 300 Games

There is this young music producer and rapper from Harlem - check out his SoundCloud music here and here when you have a chance - who likes to play Words with Friends in his spare time. And who doesn't? The game challenges you to build your vocabulary, and it's good for your brain! So this guy makes a new online friend to play the game with and, well, we should let him tell the story (grammar edits made by Comic Sands).

"So last summer I randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. We played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine. Today I got to go to Florida and meet her in person."

When you meet your Words With Friends friend in real life.

After a year of word-dueling, he flew with his pastor to meet his worthy opponent in person for the first time.

"She’s 86 & lives in a retirement community in Florida. He’s 22 and lives in Harlem. They met online playing . Tomorrow they’ll meet in person."

To say the young man was excited is an understatement.

Even though they are more than 60 years apart in age, it is clear their friendship has changed them both for the better. Twitter could not handle the feels of these two finally meeting.

Like with any Pixar movie, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

No, I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying.

Seems friendships like these happen all the time with Words with Friends.

"I made a beautiful friend on WWF many years ago. I am American, she was from UK. We vacationed together here and in Perú. Then cancer took her a little over a year ago. So grateful for her presence, however short, in my life—and grateful you got to meet your WW Friend! God Bless!"

More than a few people have heard of their story.

We wonder, out of those 300 games, who was the better wordsmith.

Seems she knew a few more words than him. Is this representative of education these days?

Word of these friends meeting got back to the people behind Words with Friends, and they love it.

"We can’t get enough of this! Amazing. Thank you for sharing your story with us."

"We are so grateful that you met such a wonderful person through our game! Thank you for sharing with us"

As Gabrielle Union said it, there is power in words. You never know who you'll meet, or what friendships you'll make, in a simple online game.

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h/t: Twitter