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TikToker Baffled To Discover She's Been Pronouncing The Word 'Cucumber' Wrong Her Whole Life

TikToker Baffled To Discover She's Been Pronouncing The Word 'Cucumber' Wrong Her Whole Life

Well this is quite a pickle...

A young woman has thrown the TikTok sphere for a loop after revealing her rather unusual pronunciation of a fairly common, everyday word.

The TikTok has, unsurprisingly, gone viral as viewers watched on with baited breath to hear her pronounce the word "cucumber."

Emma begins the TikTok by saying:

"I was today years old when I found out I pronounce 'cucumber' wrong."

Reply to @hollyms44 how do you pronounce cucumber?? #cucumber #pronunciation #accent #sounds #unhinged

As Emma spoke, a screenshot of a TikTok comment appeared on the screen that read:

"This is the most unhinged pronunciation of cucumber oh my."

That comment, plus several others similar in nature, prompted her to reach out to friends and family to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The 47 second TikTok has been viewed nearly 600,000 times, garnered 36,400 likes, and prompted 1,200 comments.





Before revealing to viewers how she pronounces the word, Emma admitted she had to message her friends and her family and get them to send her voice notes of how they pronounce it.


Emma went on to explain, by her own logic and pronunciation rules, cucumber should be pronounced /cyu-cyumber/ due to the simple fact the second "cu" should be pronounced the same way as the first "cu."

Emma reasoned:

“I think it makes more sense than the way you’re supposed to pronounce it, which is /cyu-Cumber/. Because the word has c-u, c-u, so surely both times you pronounce c-u it should sound the same.”

After reaching out to family and friends to help clarify, Emma came to the shocking realization that “only my brother pronounces it the same way as I do so it must be a family thing.”




Other viewers tried to help Emma see the error in her assumptions by citing other examples of words that don't follow her logic, proving the pronunciation of the word "cucumber" should be no different.



Well, as the saying goes, you learn something new every day.