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Woman Learns Her Husband Is Cheating After Seeing His Baby's Birth Announcement In Newspaper

Woman Learns Her Husband Is Cheating After Seeing His Baby's Birth Announcement In Newspaper

A woman on TikTok by the name of Ami Addison shared her story of finding out her husband was cheating on her.


Through a birth announcement printed in the local newspaper.

Addison responded to TikToker living_with_sj who said:

"Tell me how you found out your ex spouse was cheating."

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Addison explained she was looking at a newspaper while at work just before their 10 year anniversary.

"So, I see my husband's name and some other female's name. I know it's his name because he has an unusual name."

She explained the hospital website kept records of the new babies.

So she searched for her husband.

"So I look at the hospital website where they would also post pictures of the babies – typed in his name and her first name, sure enough, they had a baby boy a few days prior."
""But not only that, they had a baby girl a year and a half before that."

This small part of the story launched an entire series of TikTok videos that explained the whole story.

In parts two and three, Addison explained what she did to confront him. She found out about the other person on a Wednesday.


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Without even hinting at the fact she knew, Addison waited until he went to work on Thursday to pack up all of their kids things and bring them to a hotel.

During her time at the hotel, she found out where the woman who he was cheating with lived. Addison confirmed it was her when she saw her husband's car parked out front.


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So in the pouring rain, she packed up all of his clothing and belongings and dumped them all over his car. The icing on the cake was a 'Happy Anniversary' card.

Addison continued to explain she got a phone call from him while she was at the hotel after dumping his cloths. It seemed like he didn't know what she had done, so she told him to go check on his car.

He called from their house phone and claimed she had misinterpreted the situation and he was at a co-workers house.

Addison finally confronted him directly but he continued to deny his misdeeds.


Addison then said:

"You're going to be that much of a piece of sh*t denying your own children. It's bad enough that you're a piece of sh*t for what you did."

But still, he continued to deny, claiming it was all a big mistake.


After all of this, he forced Addison to stay at a hotel with their three kids for another week because he changed the locks on their house.

Eventually, Addison, with the help of a few friends, convinced him to take whatever he wanted and leave so they could go back to the house.


Part 6....our first conversation. #narcissist #choicesandconsequences #pos #cheatinghusband

He took as much furniture as he could carry himself, food from the pantry and fridge, and moved in with his sister.

Apparently, he was hoping Addison would take him back so he didn't want to move in with the other woman and "mess that up."


Part 8....emptied the house. #narcissistic #cheatinghusband #divorce

Addison also shared some red flags she recognized in hindsight.

A few of them included always parking his car in the garage, only going out to dinner out of town (claiming it as more romantic), and complaining his checks were always "messed up" when they didn't reflect the overtime he pretended to be working.

Eventually, the divorce went though and Addison was able to keep the house they once shared.

Not long after, he suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized. The woman he was cheating on Addison with refused to answer his calls and broke up with him because she didn't want to be with a "sick man."

This forced him to move back in with his sister.

Years down the line, they caught up for a dinner together. In that dinner, he lied about being single and about changing and tried to propose to Addison.

Turns out, he had still been seeing the other woman he had kids with as well as another girlfriend of three years.


Part 16... some people never change. #stillacheater #thanksbutnothanks #narcissist

Though there is so much drama to this story, Addison does have a happy ending.


Part chapter. #winner #sorrynotsorry #bruisednotbroken

A man she met through her ex-husband ended up being her new husband and they've been happily married for eight years.