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Woman's Heartfelt Obituary For Her Beloved Golden Retriever Has Twitter Feeling Very Emotional


Pets are truly a part of our families. They earn their place in our hearts by showing us nothing but unconditional love, and we love them right back.

So losing a pet is never easy. One South Carolina woman's heartfelt post, featuring an obituary for her beloved and dearly departed Golden Retriever Charlie, was an easy reminder to the Twitter universe of how precious a pupper's life is.

"Charlie James Gregory-Hammett crossed the rainbow bridge Sunday, September 13th peacefully in the arms of his mom."

The obituary went on to describe Charlie as a stick-collecting, swimming, smiling, snoring source of nothing but joy. "He was good at at lot of things, but he was best at unconditional love," she wrote.

"He taught everyone he met about loving people and always seeing the good in everyone."

Charlie also played a crucial role in Sallie Hammett meeting her now-husband, who loved and adored Charlie's eccentricities just as much as she did.

"He spent his last days in his favorite place, the beach."
"He relaxed in the Charlie-sized holes he dug himself and dove straight into the oncoming waves. His last days were so happy and will be cherished forever."

Charlie lost his battle with lymphoma at the age of 7.

Emmett and her husband David said their house feels empty—so they will be adopting another dog soon.