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Woman Throws Her Boyfriend's PS5 And TV Out Apartment Window After Catching Him Cheating

Woman Throws Her Boyfriend's PS5 And TV Out Apartment Window After Catching Him Cheating

Hey, Alexa play "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

A TikTok is currently enjoying its moment in the spotlight after the video went viral on the platform.

The video, captured by Nora (@noraisnotavailable) paints a pretty clear picture of the fallout of alleged infidelity between a couple.

TikTok is having a field day over it.


This is CRAZY!!! 😳 but ME TOO GIRL!!!!!! #GOOFF @mednight1998

The video—taken by a resident in the apartment complex—shows objects being flung out the window in an adjacent apartment building.

The contents of the impromptu, unorthodox Spring cleaning were definitely not your run of the mill clothes or random trinkets. Some of the big ticket items that could be seen smashed to smithereens in the parking lot below included a TV as well as the highly-sought after, coveted PS5.

The reason for the destruction of the items, you ask?

As the events unfolded, Nora ascertained the boyfriend—who was supposedly one of the onlookers—cheated on his girlfriend and the girlfriend responded after receiving the news.

The two-minute video had viewers on TikTok taking to the comments to add their two cents.




As the video progresses, viewers can see several other onlookers recording the commotion, with one man standing in the parking lot recording the whole ordeal.

The man can also be heard saying:

“I don’t got no girlfriend but if I did she wouldn’t be doing that.”

The falling objects created a major pile of garbage in the parking lot of the apartment complex with shattered glass covering a significant portion of the area.



Since being posted two days ago, the unbelievable video has raked in over 680,000 views, 111,000 likes, and nearly 2,000 comments.

In the video, Nora also overlayed text which read:

"Don’t cheat on an ATL ho there are consequences allegedly."
"I hope he got what he deserved."

The alleged philandering boyfriend, who was watching his belongings get pulverized from the parking lot, eventually left the scene when he realized there was no stopping the chaos.

Since posting the first video, Nora posted a follow-up video which gives viewer a closer look at the scene during the day and shows how the boyfriend's items faired after being tossed out the window.

Hint: everything was destroyed with no hope of repair.


Um an axe? Who snitched??

The boyfriend didn't garner much sympathy in the comments.


The story of the termination of this relationship doesn't end there, though.

In the follow-up video Nora also revealed the police had been called and neighbors apparently claimed the woman was later “found with an ax.”

When Nora spoke with the concierge of the building she was able to ascertain the couple was no longer together and, due to the commotion and disruption of people's evening, the woman was allegedly being evicted.

While there was a seriousness at the beginning of the original video, Nora's boyfriend tried to bring some levity to the situation by playing Shaggy's infamous hit "It Wasn't Me" as the events continued to unfold.


All that can be said about the alleged event is, if you're going to cheat then you better be prepared for the—in this case, literal—fallout from that choice.