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Woman's Cringey Rendition Of The National Anthem At CPAC Gets Trolled Hard By Musicians


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is turning out to be a trainwreck in a big, big way.

Besides Ted Cruz imitating Braveheart, the odal rune-shaped stage, the golden idol of Donald Trump—which in and of itself would be enough to forever mark this meeting as extremely bizarre—there was just the opening ceremony, which...well, you'll have to hear it to believe it.

Sailor Sabol, the young woman in the video, sings the National Anthem so far from any sort of key known to exist in music it's actually distressing to listen to.

Around "and the rocket's red glare," she goes completely off pitch, and the clip has gone viral from the sheer amount of people roasting her for it.

Someone who described himself as a "connoisseur" of poor performances of the National Anthem said this one certainly did not disappoint:

"This one has it all: inexplicable key changes, devastatingly flat notes, dogsh*t rhythm, strained holds, and confusion between 'or' and 'o'er.' Whose niece is this?"

Sabol, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to ranting about Splash Mountain and doing other wildly off-key covers of popular music such as "Popular" from the Broadway musical Wicked, is a freshman at University Of Central Florida.

In said rant about Splash Mountain, Sabol claimed changing the narrative of the ride from the highly contentious film Song Of The South toward The Princess And The Frog was destroying America.

Counting by ear, there seem to be no less than 9 key changes in the end portion of the song.

Would Francis Scott Key approve?