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Woman Calls In Bomb Threat To Her New Boyfriend's Work So He'll Spend Extra Time With Her

Somerset County Sheriff's Office

A 33-year-old Maine woman is facing charges after calling in a bomb threat to her boyfriend's place of employment in order to ensure he would have a day off from work.

Kayla Marie Blake, of Etna, Maine was arrested at the end of September after threatening to place a bomb at Puritan Medical Products in Pittsfield around 9 am on Thursday, September 23.

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The call forced the evacuation of the factory where her boyfriend worked. She then followed up, calling police to say she was going to place four pipe bombs at the factory.

The evacuation lasted 24 hours and affected over 400 workers. Puritan Medical Supplies is a plant that makes medical swabs for nasal use, including tests for SARS-CoV-2.

The police were able to track the threat to Blake, who was arrested on one count of terrorizing for her false calls. When asked why she made the calls, she purportedly said it was to spend extra time with her boyfriend.

However, reports state Blake and her alleged boyfriend had only met a week prior on a dating app.

The man in question has not made any statements connected to the incident.

Puritan Medical Supplies made national news before.

In June 2020 Trump spoke at the plant unmasked, thereby ruining hundreds of nasal swabs the plant was forced to destroy.

Blake's bail was set at $1500.

She has not yet entered a plea in the case.