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Whoopi Powerfully Shuts Down GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Over Abortion Rights On 'The View'

'The View' cohost Whoopi Goldberg was having none of Republican Rep. Nancy Mace's arguments about abortion rights—and she didn't back down.

Whoopi Goldberg; Nancy Mace
The View/YouTube

Whoopi Goldberg threw down the gauntlet with South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace over reproductive rights.

Mace, who identifies as pro-life, is a rape survivor who has advocated for exceptions to anti-abortion legislation.

Last month during a CNN interview with Dana Bash, she spoke out against her party and warned that "they’re walking the plank” with their unwavering stance on abortion.

Although Mace said she was pro-life, she said she understands that the GOP "cannot be a**holes to women.”

On Monday's episode of The View, conservative View co-host Alyssa Farah asked how the Republicans were a "pro-women" and "pro-family" party in the wake of the dissolution of Roe v. Wade.

She asked Mace:

"What is the GOP getting wrong right now and what do you think the answer is?"

Mace said the problem was on "women's issues" and that while she would support the GOP on issues she agrees with, she'll certainly call them out on ones she disagrees with.

"We cannot demonize women, and I, myself, I am a survivor of rape."

She told the panel how her life was upended when she was raped at 16 and dropped out of high school as a result of the trauma.

"I know firsthand the kind of lifetime of trauma that women and girls face when they go through that and the shame that they feel," she said, adding, "and the fact that we demonize women who don’t want to be in that position to make a choice."

"They don’t want to be in a position where they have to decide to have an abortion or not.”

Goldberg asked Mace:

"Do you want the government to tell you how to raise your family?"

When Mace replied that she didn't, Goldberg continued:

“No law says you have to have an abortion. There’s no law on the books that says you have to have an abortion."
“Isn’t that my choice, if my doctor and I feel that’s the best way for me? ... Why am I being held to someone else’s religious belief?”

You can watch the discussion here.

Rep. Nancy Mace Shares Her Perspective On Reproductive Rights | The

Mace replied:

"At some point, that baby, people will agree with me, the baby deserves the right to life."

Goldberg interjected:

"But that's your belief."

To which Mace shot back:

"You don’t want the government in the room with the doctor and the woman, but those who want the government to pay for it [have] the government in the room with the doctor and the woman."
"So you can’t have it both ways.”

Goldberg did not let it go, continuing to challenge Mace:

“Why am I, why do you want me to go with your belief when that is not my belief?”

After Goldberg's statement elicited applause from the audience, Mace went on to claim that "all the states have the right to do whatever they want" and that in California and New York, "it's all the way up until nine months"–even though both states have restrictions on abortion based on fetal viability regardless of a mother's life being at risk.

Goldberg cut her off and said:

“Let’s stop that. No one, no one, no one—no doctor, no hospital, no one, will take a baby at nine months for an abortion!"
"I’m telling you this.”
“But why is it not my choice? This is the part I’m missing."
"Because I understand your choice. I understand your choice.”

Goldberg continued after not getting a response to her question.

“I also am pro-life," she said, adding:

"I want everybody to have a safe life. I want them to be safe and do all the things that they should be able to do."
“But when it comes to what is best for my family and I, why isn’t that my choice and my doctor’s choice without bringing anyone else in?”