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Rightwing School Board Member Throws Homophobic Tantrum While Being Arrested During Traffic Stop

Rightwing School Board Member Throws Homophobic Tantrum While Being Arrested During Traffic Stop
@miscellanyblue / Twitter

Anti-mask and social distancing protester Rochelle Kelley was arrested following a traffic stop last month. Kelley, a member of the Weare School Board in New Hampshire was caught on video making a homophobic and curse laden tirade against the arresting officer.

Video of the 33-year-old mom was taken by her husband Samuel, with Kelley claiming she was going to sue the police.

After seeing the video, much of the internet wasn't impressed.

Kelley's husband was stopped for an expired safety inspection and registration of his vehicle. A police sergeant had given them a citation previously and the couple didn't get anything done. Due to this, the vehicle was to be towed.

However, Kelley refused to let the officers take inventory of what was in the vehicle before it was taken away, and physically prevented the officers from doing their jobs. Because of this, they arrested her, but she did not comply when she was placed under arrest either.

Instead, she called the officer a homophobic slur and told him to "eat sh**, you c*ck-sucking d*ck" while being handcuffed.

This isn't Kelley's first run-in with police over her petty refusal to follow basic safety precautions. Last year, she and two other parents were arrested for staying on a playground despite the park being closed due to an emergency.

Investigators say Kelley and the other parents were informed that the park was closed and asked to leave and they all refused. Officers informed them several times that the park was closed because of the pandemic and pointed to the yellow tape marking everything off, but they said they had a "constitutional right" to be at the park.

They were arrested, and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. Officers said they were disappointed when they found out Kelley was on the Weare School Board, as she was supposed to be looking out for the best interest of children, yet put her own in danger just for them to play at a park. She also advocates against mask mandates in the schools.

Which is worse between the protests against basic safety during a pandemic and a pretty comfortable usage of homophobic slurs?

Kelley is scheduled to appear before a Concord District Court for the incident this week, and can look forward to being arraigned for the traffic stop at the end of the month.