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Walmart Employee Refuses To Accept Man's Passport Because She Doesn't Believe Georgia Is A Real Country

Walmart Employee Refuses To Accept Man's Passport Because She Doesn't Believe Georgia Is A Real Country

All Redditor GeorgoaIsACountry wanted to do was buy some alcohol at Walmart, but it took much longer than he anticipated.

He became infuriated after the cashier woman erroneously rejected his ID, and it took the store manager and security getting involved for the transaction to be completed

After his friends told him he was being "unnecessarily rude," he visited the "Am I the A**hole" (AITA) subReddit and wrote:

"AITA dumba** walmart employees couldnt understand I'm from Georgia, the country."

Before delving into his story, the Original Poster (OP) explained the geographical location of his home country.

"In case theres ignoramuses here who dodnt know, theres a nation called Georgia, or in our language Saqartvelo, which is located between russia Turkey Azerbaijan and Armenia. Google khinkali and khachaouri, our food is delicious."
"I was at walmart and I bought some alcohol which required them to check my ID, so I show them my Georgian passport. They asked me if this was a joke and told me the state of Georgia doesnt issue passports."
"I told her theres a nation called m Georgia too and she keeps interrupting mr saying that us inbred rednecks need to move on from the civil war and that the south lost."
"I was so f'king confused, so again I tried explaining it and she told me I need to show her a real ID, not one with star wars alphabet on it, yes this dumb sack of sh*t thought the Georgian alphabet was the star wars language."
"People in line are yelling at me and telling me to stop wasting their time with my stupid jokes. She calls security snd the manager to report I have a fraudulent document that I'm using to buy alcohol. I go to google maps and I show them Georgia and i said "are you f'king dumba**es satisfied now, Georgia is a real country, it's right here" right as the manager shows up."
"She asks me what's going on and I explain to her what happened, manager confirms to the cashier that yes Georgia is a country. She let's me buy the alcohol and she says have a good day but in the b*tchiest attitude possible."
"I told my friends and they said I was unnecessarily rude but f'k that and f'king hell, I have to explain to someone everyday that there is a country called Georgia."

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Redditors were dumbfounded over the cashier's lack of geographical knowledge, and they shared similar anecdotes of encounters with clueless people.

"NTA. If it makes you feel better I almost couldn't buy something from Walmart the other day because the cashier kept insisting I was underage as I was 'only born in 2022.'"
"Once the shock and confusion wore off I was able to explain to her manager that that's the year my license expires and clearly I wasn't born in the future." – Motherofcats782
"I'm Canadian and I immigrated to the USA in college. Before I could be allowed to enroll in classes, they made me go to a special interview to see if I could speak English well enough to attend. In the interview, the lady asked if they spoke a language other than English in Canada, and I naively told her that many people speak French."
"She asked if I spoke French and I said that I did."
"She puts her pen down to check the box saying I don't speak English. I say, 'Woah woah woah. I speak English as my first language.' So she hesitates and asks where my parents are from (I guess she didn't think they could be from Canada because she no longer believed that Canadians speak English)."
"So I told her they were from Britain. She says, 'Do you mean England?' I said yes."
"She said, 'Oh ok then. You don't have to take the test if your parents are English.'"
"The entire interview occurred in the English language. I do not have an accent." – Historical-Foot99
"NTA and for anyone thinking this might not be true a little story for you:"
"I was training a new bartender at work and it was her first night serving. I ran to the back of house for literally 2 minutes to tell someone to bring another case of wine up to the bar so I could restock and I come back and my trainee is standing there with an ID in her hand cut in half (apparently she thought we were supposed to immediately cut up fake ids??) And a guy standing there fuming mad."
"So I go over to find out what the hell is going on, turns out the guy had a New York drivers license and she assumed it was a fake because 'New York is a city, not a state.'"
"We were in Florida and the guy had come down on vacation from NY with some friends... ... I kid you not I was speechless... I had to get the manager it was a nightmare."
"The guy threatened to sue (honestly wouldn't have blamed him either). Everything turned out relatively ok but she never came back to work."
"So yeah, I %100 believe this." – Annabel1231
"NTA, they were in fact dumba**es!"
"I had the opposite experience. I was using my US passport as ID to buy wine once in the US state of Washington, and the cashier looked at it and said 'We don't accept South Dakota passports.'"
"All US passports include a line with the state you were born in. Although I am not living in South Dakota, my passport will always and forever say "Birthplace: South Dakota" on it."
"I told her it wasn't a state passport (erm, they don't exist!) it was federal ID. She didn't believe me. She called her manager over. THE MANAGER AGREED WITH HER."
"Two adult people thinking that I had a 'South Dakota passport.' Not even accusing me of having a fake passport. Just a god damned 'South Dakota passport.' F'k's sake."
"I actually did not call them dumba**es because I was too gobsmacked to say anything, but I wish I did. I'm glad you did!" – underpantsbandit
"NTA. I really hope this is fake, and while it very well might be, I also know some Americans can be really dumb about other countries."
"My brother wasn't able to get served alcohol because he had a foreign I.D. We're CANADIAN. If they can't figure out Canada, I can only imagine confusion around countries on other continents." – ShmamBo88

Some of the comments unfortunately revealed Americans who don't know their own country as well as they should.

"I was at a shop in New England and the cashier was stunned to find out we were from DC because she had no idea people actually LIVED there." – Unlikely-Peace-4099
"I once had to explain to a Californian that Vermont is a state...while we were in Massachusetts...which shares a border with Vermont." – thursdayplywood
"I live in New Mexico, you cant fathom the amount of times I've been asked to show an ID from the U.S. when buying alcohol anywhere that doesn't share a border with this state." – darkoopz43

Overall, Redditors didn't blame the OP for his frustration.

The good news is, the Walmart cashier learned something new that day.