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Walgreens Hours for Halloween 2017: What Time Do They Open/Close?

Walgreens Hours for Halloween 2017: What Time Do They Open/Close?

During the rest of the year, you can count on Walgreens to be there for all of your pharmaceutical and many of your household needs. Thankfully, the convenience of shopping at Walgreens does not diminish during Halloween when little emergencies may pop up here and there.

In fact, on Halloween, Walgreens can be a major life saver. We all forget things, and sometimes while preparing for a Halloween bash or an evening of trick or treating with the little ones, it’s easy to overlook a small but important detail. Maybe you’ve forgotten make-up for your costume or need to stock your Halloween candy supply - whatever the need may be, Walgreens' Halloween hours don't differ from regular posted hours.

If it’s a trip to Walgreens you need on Halloween day, thankfully you won’t want to deal with some unexpected “holiday schedule.” On Halloween morning, your local Pharmacy will open and close at its normal posted time. Some locations may even be open 24-hours, giving you the chance to make a quick stop when the candy supply starts to shrink and children keep coming later than you expected.

Walgreens' Halloween hours hours differ between locations, so to know when the earliest you can be at your local pharmacy is, use the online store locator. Since there are no holiday hours to consider, the hours posted online for each store will be accurate to the hours they're open on Halloween day.

The Halloween section at Walgreens may not be vast, but it is stocked with useful items like small make-up kits, fake blood, popular Halloween masks, and, for those that like adding to their decorations last minute, small and medium-sized decor. Of course, there's also a rather large selection of candy to choose from, including everybody's variety bags of chocolate.

Want to know what Halloween items are on sale before you make the trip down? The online weekly ad will show which items are discounted for that week. You do need to be a Balance Rewards member to benefit from in-store sales, but you can create a new account online before you head out.

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