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Little Boy Goes Viral For Talking About His Love Of Corn In Hilarious Video—And We Can't Get Enough

Little Boy Goes Viral For Talking About His Love Of Corn In Hilarious Video—And We Can't Get Enough

Who doesn't love corn?

Be it on the cob, in a bisque, or as a side dish, the sweet golden kernels are among the most loved of all vegetables.

Though perhaps no one loves corn more than a young New Yorker interviewed on a recent episode of Recess Therapy.

The viral web series, whose TikTok account has over 128,000 followers, features host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviewing children at New York City playgrounds on topics ranging from their favorite animals to climate change.

But once recent video where Shapiro-Barnum interviewed a young boy about his love of corn melted the hearts of the internet, going on to receive over 74,000 views on the series' TikTok page.


Children of the… corn? 😂 🌽 #recesstherapy #corn #cornisgood #fyp #favorite

When asked what he liked about corn, the adorable young man declared that he discovered his love upon learning that corn was "real", and that it also happened to taste good, all the while holding a largely eaten ear of corn.

The young boy went on to say that "everything changed" after trying corn with butter.

Viewers were then treated to a delightful image of the young boy taking a bite from his ear of corn, not letting his noticeably missing front tooth deter his enjoyment.

But when asked by Shapiro-Barnum if "everyone should be eating corn," the young boy acknowledged that food is a matter of personal taste.

"Not everyone has to like it to be the best."
"Everyone just has to try it."

He then offered viewers a bite of the little that was left of his ear of corn.

But the young boy proved to be a person of many interests, as he then shared with Shapiro-Barnum that he played "a variety of games," including hide and seek and tag, but "never lava monster."

Though he did confess that his interests were, indeed, "mostly corn" as he admired the beauty of his ear of corn.

"I mean, look at this thing."
"I can't imagine a more beautiful thing."
"It's corn!"
"Because corn is awesome!"

Viewers who thought the video couldn't possibly get more adorable were in for a surprise when the young boy was asked to describe corn for those who have yet to taste the yellow delicacy.

"A big lump with nobs."
"It has the juice, it's the part that mostly makes me like the corn."

Upon being asked the all-important question of how much he believed corn should cost, the young man wasted no time in answering "one dollar."

The video ended with the young man wishing Shapiro-Barnum and viewers a "corn-tastic" day.

Wondering why his remark seemed to bring so much visible joy to Shapiro-Barnum, the young man had just the remark to finish melting the hearts of anyone whose heart hadn't melted already.

"What? It's just a pun about corn!"

The video finished with the boy taking a few more emphatic bites, before panning to a woman, presumably his grandmother, who was laughing adorably at all that she'd just witnessed.

Recess Therapy's TikTok followers were quick to express their love of this unknown young man in the video's comment section, with at least one viewer declaring the short, adorable video restored their faith in humanity.






It wasn't long before this corn-loving youngster reached an even wider audience.

The video was subsequently re-posted to the TikTok page Doing Things, an account with more than 227 followers, where it received a whopping additional 11.7 million views.

As was to be expected, the young boy's fan base also grew amongst the TikTok followers of Doing Things, with multiple calls for the child to be named the new secretary of agriculture.






Who knows what the future holds for this adorable young corn-lover?

One thing's for sure, it's bound to be "corn-tastic."