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Vietnam Vet's Survival Tip For How To Use The Bathroom With Just A Single Square Of Toilet Paper Is Definitely A Last Resort

Troy Evans/Facebook

You may have heard that people are panic buying toilet paper so intensely that people are making memes of it.

Troy Evans—who you may know from shows like Bosch, Veep, and ER—decided to capitalize on this and take some time to show us how to survive if you are down to your last square from your stockpile of toilet paper.

Evans, a Vietnam Vet, shared his tips and tricks on Facebook.

The method is...interesting, at best.

You don't really want to get to this point, as you are essentially using the paper to clean feces off your finger, with a little piece set aside for "cleaning your fingernail."


But people are thanking Evans for the laugh in these uncertain times.

Troy Evans/Facebook

Troy Evans/Facebook

Troy Evans/Facebook

As toilet paper has become a subject of some levity in times that seem murky, toilet paper content is simply littering the internet—no pun intended.

In fact, toilet paper is in such high demand that it's cropping up on sites like eBay for $250+ a pack—even though several sources confirmed there is no reason for panic buying.

Historians will look back on early 2020 as the age of toilet paper shortages and memes.

What a time to be alive.