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Video Of Toddler Jumping On Tray Table On Eight-Hour Flight Sparks Heated Parenting Debate

The video, which was shared on the 'Public Freakout' subReddit, quickly garnered many different opinions of what should be done to curb the disruptive behavior.

Toddler jumping on a tray table on an airplane.

We've all had to share a plane with a screaming infant or a cranky toddler at one point or another, but for many people online, an incident shown in a recent viral video took the cake.

The video, posted to Reddit's Public Freakout subReddit, showed the moment on a recent flight in which a small child was seen jumping up and down on a tray table.

The man sitting in the seat to which the tray table was attached was strongly jostled by the child's antics, but at no point during the video did the child's parents or anyone else intervene.

According to the original poster on Reddit, the flight in question was eight hours in length, and many have speculated the child was American, though where she and her family hail from wasn't known.

The Redditor described the incident as "letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight," which is about as nightmarish a description of air travel as you can get.

Plane etiquette has become a hot button topic in recent years, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic has coincided with an explosion of belligerent passengers in sometimes violent interactions with airline and airport staff.

This incident didn't appear to go that far, but many people on the internet were left perplexed by the lack of action in the video by any of the child's fellow passengers—including the man being disturbed by the child's jumping.

Others called out the child's parents for not controlling their child, especially on such a lengthy flight.

On Twitter, the child's behavior definitely caught lots of people's attention, and there was no shortage of anger towards her seemingly blasé parents.

But the toddler was not without her defenders. Some people cast her behavior as just normal kids' stuff.

And, as you might expect, the child's defenders caused plenty of angry backlash too.

Best of luck to all of you flying over the holidays. If this video is any indication, you're going to need it!