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DIY Homemade Costume & Makeup: 5 Ideas for Halloween 2017

DIY Homemade Costume & Makeup: 5 Ideas for Halloween 2017

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Source: Undeadcosplay

Here we go, another year to try to come up with a Halloween costume and not spend lots of cash on a rental. There are loads of ideas out in cyberspace. We found some good ideas for those headed to a party or office that can be whipped up at home. Even getting into the makeup can be a terrifying adventure. Keep it easy to move in, do not overheat, and motivating for crazy dancing at parties. Remember if you choose to be that clever guy dressed as a head served on a table, you may remain in a corner all night and gather empty glasses.

  1. Easy ones for one or more people: Pick an idea that is TV or movie based. For the girls’ night out to Halloween parties, look at these pictures from popular movies and TV shows.
  2. For those who want to explore the funky fashionable costume ideas, check out some ideas from trending movies and fashion bloggers. Always thought the old TV shows are coming back in fashion.
  3. Many ideas for women in costumes can go funny or creepy. Dress up as any male character and follow some makeup hacks to get the full creep factor going. Find supplies at a local drugstore, hardware store or even in the kitchen for fake blood splatterings. Remember the old trick of crisco and coffee grounds to create whiskers?
  4. Blood, guts and bones, oh my! Create a zombie or victim character and wear any outfit you want...cheerleader, mailman, nurse, teacher, soccer mom. Dig in the back of the closet or head out to a thrift store, and remember to wear stuff that is disposable later in case the fake blood won’t wash out. Try one of these gross and scary makeup hacks based on using cheap and old makeup that may be laying around. This is the time to go overboard and make eyebrows disappear and bloody drool to complete the creep factor.
  5. For many going into the kitchen is a scary thought, but we found fun ideas that you can snack on later. At least go in there and stir up some fake blood and flesh recipes.
  6. BONUS tip: Cheap and punny are favorites for party, as it can be an icebreaker by explaining the visual pun. Many ideas require actions to complete the joke.