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UC Berkeley Students Hold Candlelight Vigil For Poor Delivery Robot Who Caught On Fire

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Death is at times difficult to accept and understand. Students at UC Berkeley are grieving in the only way they know how.

Where would college students be without takeout Chinese food and pizza delivery? We all remember how much we relied on that convenience when we were in college. Now it seems tragedy has struck, all thanks to the necessity of delivered food.

A faulty battery is being blamed for the sudden fire that engulfed a KiwiBot food delivery robot on the UC Berkeley campus. Students were stunned as they stood by helplessly, unable to save the giver of all things delicious.

Warning: NSFW language. (She is clearly in distress.)

Berkeley CA KiwiBot caught on fire

The company sent out a lengthy statement explaining what went wrong, but it was little consolation to the grieving stoners yearning for a late-night snack.

They mourned in their own way.

The Daily Californian

The Daily Californian

People sent condolences.


Our deepest sympathies to all those craving chili cheese fries.