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Twitter Users Hilariously Respond To What Accessories They Would Carry If They Were An Action Figure

@cmclymer/Twitter, @Foggy_Blues/Twitter

Most of us will probably never experience the honor of being immortalized as an action figure, but what if that pipe dream did become an awesome reality?

Charlotte Clymer, a writer and Army vet, posed a question on Twitter that has users launching into play mode.

She wrote in her viral tweet:

"A toy company makes a replica action figure of your likeness. What two accessories do they include?"

This person came close to achieving the dream.

This response is dark, twisted, and simply marvelous.

Some people long for idyllic settings.

The yearning for the sedentary life became unavoidable for some.

Animal companions were pretty popular responses.

There were variations on the second accessory accompanying a cat.

One person proudly shared her likeness as a doll made of yarn.



Someone preferred a role reversal.

Because why not?

Ah, coffee — accompanied by a drug to combat the resulting digestive issues.

A little dose of reality entered the thread.

We may have a winner.

Some don't require a drawstring to do this, but nevertheless...

Sounds fabulous. Goodnight!

So, what accessories would you have on your phenomenal plastic self?