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Tucker Carlson Rants That He'd Never Let A Feminist Man Date His Daughter Because He Must Be A 'Creep'

Tucker Carlson Rants That He'd Never Let A Feminist Man Date His Daughter Because He Must Be A 'Creep'
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Far-Right Fox News host Tucker Carlson, one of the staunchest allies of a President who's been accused of sexual assault at least 22 times, railed against the idea of his daughter dating a feminist man out of fear he'd be a "creep."

Yup, you read that right.

Carlson, who dedicates his show to kissing the posterior of a man who bragged about kissing women and grabbing women's genitals without consent, bristled at the idea of his daughter dating a man who wants equal social and political standing for women, because feminist men are creeps "by definition."


The comment came during a segment on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's blackface scandal.

Watch below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/19/19 | Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News September 19,

Carlson said through laughter:

"Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, 'cause he's a creep! By definition!"

Carlson has previously questioned why "feminists do science" and accused them of seeking to "poison the relationship" between men and women. He called late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who was ousted from the network for multiple sexual harassment allegations, a "great and wise" man.

It turns out Twitter users would much rather their daughters date a male feminist than a man who watches Tucker Carlson.

Also, what does he mean by "let"?


Carlson's daughter may not care what he thinks—most Americans certainly don't.

Tune in to Carlson's show tomorrow, where he'll discuss how women in the workplace are a strain on the economy and definitely the cause of feline AIDS, probably.

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