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Twitter Is Roasting Trump Over His Assertion That He Meant To Say 'Wouldn't' During His Controversial Remarks About Russian Election Meddling

Screenshot via MSNBC, @HeerJeet/Twitter

Upon returning to the United States from his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump, faced a barrage of criticism from Republicans, Democrats and pretty much every other person in the free world for his remarks during the Helsinki summit. Now it seems the man who never apologizes is soft peddling his way from one sticky situation into another one.

In a news conference Trump kinda/sorta/not really apologized for misspeaking during the summit when he said,"I don't see any reason why it would be Russia that interfered in the election." Now it seems we (meaning the entire world) got it wrong so Trump clarified by saying,

It should have been obvious. I thought it would have been obvious but just in case it wasn't, In a key sentence in my remarks I said the word 'would' instead of 'wouldn't.'

So you see, it's not that he said the wrong thing, it's that the rest of us are too stupid to not understand what he so obviously meant.

Yeah, no one else is buying it either.

In this clip Stephen Cobert asks, "How stupid do you think we are?"

But it didn't stop there, Twitter was on a role.

It seems with this administration, words can mean anything.

H/T: CNN, Huffington Post