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Trump Stranded Rallygoers For Hours In The Cold As They Waited For Buses For The Second Time In Less Than A Week

Trump Stranded Rallygoers For Hours In The Cold As They Waited For Buses For The Second Time In Less Than A Week
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For years, President Donald Trump's infamous rallies have been a mainstay of his campaign and tenure in it White House.

Unlike his reception across the rest of the country, a Trump rally presents the President with thousands of adoring supporters, who frequently chant "We love you!" and whose adoration often coaxes Trump's most ridiculous assertions and controversial moments.

But Trump's critics say that the love his supporters heap upon him isn't reciprocated, with most of his supporters being working class white Americans while Trump's riches began with loans from his parents. Reports that Trump secretly mocks his supporters have only exacerbated this perception.

Beyond his words, it's easy to argue that Trump's actions indicate this as well, primarily with Trump's insistence on holding packed rallies with thousands of supporters in the midst of a pandemic that's killed nearly 250 thousand Americans. A Stanford University study found that Trump rallies led to at least 30 thousand cases of the virus.

And new occurrences of Trump supporters left stranded after his rallies have led some critics to believe that Trump doesn't care about them beyond their cheers.

For the second time in just one week, Trump rallygoers were left in the cold after traffic blocked the buses designated to shuttle them back to their cars.

The temperature at the time in Rome, Georgia hovered around 46 degrees, and NBC News reporter Julie Tsirkin reported that many of the attendees were elderly.

The fiasco came a little over a week after Trump supporters were left stranded in Omaha, Nebraska under even colder circumstances. The same happened in Florida last Thursday under a temperature of 76 degrees. Both occasions led some rallygoers to the hospital.

People weren't convinced Trump gave a damn.

People were astonished that Trump left his supporters yet again.

Only time will tell if Election Day on November 3rd marks the end of Trump's rallies.