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Trump's And Obama's Memorial Day Tweets Were A Lesson In Contrast—And People Definitely Took Notice

Monday, May 27, was Memorial Day, the holiday the U.S. uses to honor the brave men and women who have died in the line of duty.

President Trump acknowledged the occasion in a series of wordless tweets showing videos and pictures of himself at Arlington National Ceremony.

President Trump, who was overseas in Japan for Memorial Day, made a point of meeting with American troops stationed on an assault ship nearby. That didn't stop his critics, however, from pointing out his tenuous history with the military.

During the Vietnam War, President Trump managed to dodge military service due to bone spurs, though many of the President's detractors believe the medical issue was a fabrication.

Trump's Arlington Cemetery videos did little to impress Twitter.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama sent out a heartfelt tweet that reminded many of his eloquence.

Twitter was touched by the former President's sentiment.

Compared to Obama's message, it was hard not to notice Trump's lack of comment on Twitter, a platform where he's normally so verbose.

He DID, however, make a point of wishing the Japanese military a happy Memorial Day.

People felt that America's fallen soldiers deserve better.