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Ex-Trump Lawyer Tried To Call Biden A 'Fake Catholic' For Supporting Pride—And it Backfired Instantly

Ex-Trump Lawyer Tried To Call Biden A 'Fake Catholic' For Supporting Pride—And it Backfired Instantly
Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

There's still a ways to go in improving society's acceptance of LGBTQ+, but there's definitely a much wider range of support than we've had in previous decades. Enough so, it's still inadvisable to post blatantly homophobic things online.

Jenna Ellis—former attorney for former President Donald Trump—caught flack online for calling President Joe Biden a "fake Catholic" after his government Twitter account changed it's header to wish everyone a "Happy Pride Month."

It isn't going how Ellis thought it would.

Ellis is a former deputy district attorney from Colorado. She currently works with conservative law firm, The Thomas More Society.

The firm filed multiple in a failed attempt to overturn the certified and repeatedly verified results of the 2020 presidential election because Donald Trump lost the popular vote. Again.

Unlike 2016 when Trump just lost the popular vote, in 2020 he also lost the electoral college vote.

Despite referring to herself as a "constitutional law attorney" outlets such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported she's never argued a case in court.

Ellis also claims to be a devout Catholic. She criticized Biden for his support of LGBTQ+.

This fits in line with her past, where she published a book claiming the United States Constitution should be interpreted according to biblical principles.

Doesn't the Bible have some things to say about loving your neighbor and not judging others?

Ellis' ability to misunderstand religion extends into the fanatical fanbase of the former President. She tried claiming earlier this year "literally no one worships Trump."

She was immediately inundated with responses proving her wrong. This included a literal golden idol made in the likeness of Trump for a conservative convention.