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Trump Hogged The Umbrella And Left Melania Out In The Rain On Their Way To Florida—And Twitter Dragged Him For It 😂

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Since before his inauguration, President Donald Trump was scrutinized for his treatment of his wife Melania.

Between leaving her behind during his initial meeting with former President Barack Obama, to not sharing his umbrella with her in the rain when he boarded Air Force One earlier this year, Trump seems to let his wife slip his mind.

So when the President takes a moment before boarding a helicopter to praise the First Lady's recent interview—not forgetting to mention he "didn't do too bad either"—it should be a positive step.

Except the moment he chose to do this.

Watch the moment here.

Trump left his wife in the rain again.

After his chat with reporters, the President rejoined the FLOTUS as they crossed the grass to the helicopter, keeping the umbrella over his head most of the way there.

When ABC News posted the video to Twitter, Trump's actions were quickly noticed.

Some had suggestions on what Trump could have done, if he was not so self absorbed.

Others had some compelling reasons why the President left his wife to get wet.

And some could not help but point out Trump's little aside when he was supposedly praising the First Lady.

As well as the fact his 60 Minutes interview did not go as well as he thought.

The President's comments came while leaving for a trip to inspect the damage caused by Hurricane Michael, in the ravaged states of Georgia and Florida.

H/T: AOL, People

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