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Trump Gets Blasted By Twitter After Whining About Fox News And Their 'Endless Negative' Ads

Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump continued his very public falling out with Fox News on Twitter this past Wednesday, December 16, tweeting that the network "is dead."

Trump mentioned his issue with Fox's "endless negative and unedited commercials."

While it was unclear what exactly the President was referring to, that didn't stop Twitter from mocking him.

Probably the most shameful thing about the President's tweet was, of course, the fact he seems to be spending his time and energy railing against cable news instead of fighting the global pandemic.

Trump has been openly fighting with Fox News ever since November, when the network called Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden before any other network.

Some online wondered what unedited commercials Trump could be watching.

Any other President would recognize it's not the responsibility of a news network to prop up the President's ego.

Or to edit ads.

The irony of a lame-duck President calling a news network "dead" was not lost on Twitter.

It seems the love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News is now just a distant memory.