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Cringey Ad Promoting 'Kids Guide To President Trump' Blasted For Trying To 'Brainwash' Children

Cringey Ad Promoting 'Kids Guide To President Trump' Blasted For Trying To 'Brainwash' Children

An ad for a children's book called 'The Kids Guide to President Trump' has reportedly been airing on the aggressively pro-Trump broadcast network Newsmax.

The internet couldn't help but gawk at the strange, almost propaganda-like video, which was aimed at teaching children to love former President Trump early in their lives.

You can see the ad here:

The book is published by the education company Learn Our History, which is operated by Evangelical Christian pastor, former Arkansas Governor and ardent Trump supporter Mike Huckabee.

The clip's over-the-top script reads:

" Parents and grandparents, great news! Mike Huckabee's education company wants to help your family to celebrate President Trump and all he's accomplished as our president. For a limited time, you can getThe Kids Guide to President Trump for free."
"This fun kids' guide will help your kids learn all about the president's greatest achievements. What's more, it's part of a very special gift bundle that includes a free kids' magazine and free video lesson, too. To learn more and order the Kids Guide to President Trump gift bundle, just visit"

Twitter thought the ad was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

Many described what they were seeing as nauseating.

Teaching one's children to love and admire a twice-impeached former President is undoubtedly strange behavior.

Mike Huckabee may be proud of his newest book, but the reviews online don't seem encouraging.