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Trump Swiftly Mocked After Claiming That He's Currently Writing The 'Book Of All Books'


Former President Trump is well-known for making outlandish, hyperbolic claims that he's doing something exemplary when, in fact, what he's doing is generally less than average.

For example, when he claimed that he had the biggest turnout of any inauguration ever, this was a lie. Though perpetuated by then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer, there was no saving the fact that his inauguration turnout was one of the most low-attended of all time.

But the former President is at it again—claiming that he has the "book of all books" in the works.

Trump has spent most of his time since being in office trying to find ways around the Twitter bans, something which he has been unsuccessful in doing.

Facebook has also decided to extend its ban on Donald Trump's official pages until 2023.

Trump is also infamous for not being able to really get two words out of his mouth correctly.

A number of tweets from when his Twitter account was still active included strange misspellings, including mistaking the word "precedent" for "president," and a bizarre tweet that contained the word "covfefe," which has become synonymous with Trump's ramblings.

Whatever Trump's "more important project" is, it's likely to be filled with the same lies and hyperboles that his presidency was peppered with.