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Donald Trump Accuses 'The Fake News Media' Of Trying To 'Crash The Economy'

Donald Trump Accuses 'The Fake News Media' Of Trying To 'Crash The Economy'
NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images // @pgammo/Twitter

President Donald Trump often credits himself for the economic prosperity the United States has enjoyed for the past six years, but his boasts may not hold as much weight among his supporters after this past week.

On Tuesday, the yield curve measuring the worth of treasury bonds inverted, meaning that federal bonds paid to investors after two years yielded more in interest to investors than those paid after ten years, signaling little faith in the promise of long-term economic growth. The last five times this happened, a recession soon followed.

Last week, China struck back against Trump's planned $300 billion tariff by letting its currency value fall against the US dollar. The Dow subsequently plummeted nearly 800 points.

So who does Trump blame?

If you said the "Fake News Media," congratulations!

You win two to six years of national anxiety.

In case this isn't obvious, the media reports on what happens. The yield curve inverted, so they reported that.

China devalued its currency, so they reported that. The Dow tanked, so they reported that.

And when Trump posts nonsense tweets, they report that—admirably without throwing their computer against the wall.

It's almost as if the reporting of a free press is instrumental to holding people in power accountable.


Try as he may to blame the media, the internet was clear: This is Trump's baby.

Even Obama-era Trump tends to agree.

Though the media is the target of Trump's tantrum at the moment, he earlier blamed "clueless" Federal Reserve Chair Jerome "Jay" Powell, whom he himself appointed.

It's Friday.

How many more excuses will Trump make today about the economy?

So who's to blame? If it's not you, let the world know with this shirt available here.

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