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Transphobic 'Star Wars' Fans Melt Down Over Comic Book Cover Featuring Trans Non-Binary Jedi


March 31st was the Trans Day Of Visibility, and despite so much transphobic legislation being passed around the nation, there were a few lights in the darkness.

For example, Star Wars revealed that two of its Jedi, Terec and Ceret from the Marvel High Republic comic series, are trans non-binary Jedi.

A new cover featuring the two Jedi was unveiled on Instagram.

While for the most part, the news was met with accolades from adoring fans:

Unfortunately the ugly-natured Star Wars fans--presumably the same ones who bullied Kelly Marie Tran of The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker into quitting social media-came out to play when addressing Terec and Ceret's identities.

The High Republic series contains several LGBTQ+ characters, including Lando Calrissian (who has been confirmed as pansexual,) Chelli Aphra, and Sana Starros.

Terec and Ceret are a race called Kotabi, "beings who share a gestalt mind that allows them to not just express emotions and thoughts together but finish each other's sentences."

Though technically not the first Star Wars characters to fall outside the gender binary, they are the first explicitly identified by the franchise as trans.

Transphobia is all too present throughout the world at the moment, and the visibility of trans characters in major franchises such as Star Wars are the steps to normalizing trans people more and more in community spaces.

More representation will come soon, despite what the transphobes comment on social media.