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TikTok Stunned After Owner Posts Viral Video Of Their Tall Dog Standing To Look Over A Fence


TikTok viewers are losing their minds after seeing an absurdly tall dog stand on its hind legs and comfortably take a look over the owner's yard fence.

The gigantic dog in question is called a Borzoi. It's a Russian hunting sighthound, according to Daily Dot.

Simply put, sighthounds are dogs that hunt using speed and their keen sense of sight, rather than using endurance and good smelling ability. So they have little snouts, long legs, and they haul.

For reference, think greyhounds, wolfhounds, and whippets.

For TikTokers who saw the video, posted on the dog's popular TikTok profile, it was all about that larger-than-life height.


Reply to @fruitjuice._ #tallgirl

People offered up a wide range of reactions in the comments.

A few found it, above all, unnerving.

Jeffery woods/TikTok



I'll be back/TikTok


Frooty Fristy no Frosty/TikTok

Others joked about being skeptical it was even a dog at all.


Tasia Knight/TikTok


*stabs orphan cutely*/TikTok


Fwiend :>/TikTok


According to the TikTok profile bio, the dog's full name is Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots. She has over six hundred thousand followers.

And if the fence clip didn't freak you out too much, there is some good news. Eris has a whole slew of additional videos.

Some put her speed and movement on full display.


Zoom zoom #dog #borzoi #speed #idkwhattodowiththesehashtags


Reply to @littlemisspopppy #borzoi #fastboi #speed #zoom #foryou #xyzbca


She’s a people person. 😊#QuickBooksVictoryPose #bigdog #borzoi #idk

And a couple other clips remind us, at the end of the day, Eris is a big old pupper.


I love these two so much. 🥰❤️#SummerMashup #HPRadicalReuse #WelcomeBack #borzoi #fypシ #mytwobestfriends


Dramatic brushies ✨ #XfinityFanthem #LeadWithLove #bigdog #borzoi #fypシ #xyzbca

So if you're in the market for a dog that's big enough to traverse the Russian countryside at alarming speed, give the Borzoi a good long look.