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Woman Grosses Out TikTok After Biting Into A Starbucks Cake Pop And Getting A Nasty Surprise


A TikToker's recent trip to Starbucks managed to disgust, horrify, entertain and puzzle the internet for the last few days.

And it all boiled down to a few blue dots tucked inside cake pop.

After she opened up her cake pop to reveal what was inside, TikTok user Teabezel pulled out her phone and posted a brief and simple video that has racked up nearly 10 million views in about five days.

The clip showed Teabezel sitting with the cake pop on her thigh. And the split open pop was filled with small bits of blue mold.

Teabezel called out Starbucks in her caption to the post.

"Uh that's not chocolate chips ... Starbucks what's good?"
@teabezel28 Uh that's not chocolate chips ... Starbucks what's good? 🧐 ##fypシ ##fyp ##starbucks ##mold
♬ original sound - Agnes Solaru

The official Starbucks TikTok account didn't take long to address the situation.


When TikTokers saw the company's comment, they knew exactly where things were headed.




Ashley Chavez/TikTok

But with millions having viewed the clip, the damage was done.

Many commented with disgust and concern, especially when they considered their own approach to cake pop consumption.



Haley Pollard/TikTok




Some TikTokers, many of them current and previous Starbucks employees, weighed in to explain how they thought this could possibly have happened.


dixie normous/TikTok

April Haze/TikTok


Here's hoping the viral moment of bad TikTok press led Starbucks to make a few inquiries into the associated franchise's cake pop distribution and storage approach.

Thanks to Teabezel for doing us all a public service.