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TikToker Can't Stop Inhaling 'Beautiful Flower'—And Learns The Hard Way It's Highly Poisonous

TikToker Can't Stop Inhaling 'Beautiful Flower'—And Learns The Hard Way It's Highly Poisonous

In an unplanned PSA, a woman on TikTok spread the word about a highly toxic flower she'd sniffed endlessly only a few nights prior.

Why all the sniffing? Because it smelled good, of course.

The TikToker, who goes by songsbyralph, explained the flower's dangers by recounting the fateful night when the good fragrance turned on her.

With text laid over a clip of herself nose deep in the flower, she walked viewers through how it all went down.

"Me and my BFF found this beautiful flower and spent the night deeply inhaling its smell."
"When we arrived at our friends' birthday we both suddenly felt so f'ked up and had to leave. When I got home and fell asleep, I had the craziest dreams and experienced sleep paralysis for the 1st time in my life."

As songsbyralph went on to share, there was only one possible explanation.

"Turns out the flower is super poisonous and we accidentally drugged ourselves like idiots."

As she went on to show with a screenshot of a Google search, the menacing flower is known as "Angel's Trumpet."

A quick scroll through the flower's Wikipedia page yields some terrifying truths about the plant. It causes tremors, muscle paralysis, visual and auditory hallucinations and even death.

An article in the scientific journal Pathology reported the hallucinatory effects were "terrifying rather than pleasurable." The Encyclopedia of Shamanism has found "Brugmansia induces a powerful trance with violent and unpleasant effects, sickening after effects, and at times temporary insanity."

There was even one scenario when a guy ingested tea made from the flower and cut off his own penis and tongue.

Many TikTokers were hardly surprised by what happened after she sniffed the flower.



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And a few offered up tips and warnings of their own.



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Here's hoping the viral TikTok video scares more people away from they flower than it intrigues.