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British TikToker Hilariously Shames U.S. For Making Students Use A Hall Pass To Go To The Bathroom

British TikToker Hilariously Shames U.S. For Making Students Use A Hall Pass To Go To The Bathroom

A British TikToker has gone viral for hilariously making fun of American students having to use a hall pass to go to the bathroom.

If you have ever gone to a school in the U.S., you have been through this odd experience of asking a teacher for a hall pass to go do a normal bodily function. You might also have experienced being caught without one and getting reprimanded.

TikToker Joel Wood (@joelmwood) just found out about this strange American phenomenon and completely ripped it to shreds.

Wood started:

"So I have just found something out about America that I have never heard before and I can't believe it."
"It turns out, if kids want to go to the toilet in school they have to ask their teachers for a permission slip."
"Apparently it's called a 'hall pass' and they'll be walking down the corridor and teacher's will be like, 'Have you got a hall pass?'"

He used the most ridiculous American accent.

Wood described our regular hall pass as a "golden ticket," like from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Wood continued:

"Just for context, in the U.K., if you want to go to the toilet, you just go to the toilet."
"If a teacher sees you walking down the corridor they're just like, 'Alright, mate.'"
"Like, they don't care."
"Why do they police it like that in America?"
"Aren't you supposed to be the land of the free? Not the land of the hall pass."

The video has over 5.4 million views and one million likes.

The TikTok made it's way over to the U.S. and many chimed in giving more examples of weird things American schools do and why they do it.














Wood tried to wrap his mind around why we use random objects as hall passes but he still doesn't quite understand it.


Reply to @queentitaniafae make it make sense #americanschools #hallpass

Wood has since shared other strange things he's learned about the U.S.

Like the fact college's in the U.S. have you share a room with someone else if you live in a dormitory, whereas in the U.K. you get your own room.

And whatever this is that's happening in Texas.


#stitch with @makwaters Texas what is up? #texas

We're not even sure why we do this.